So - why should you hire me?


you to travel.

I super do too! It gets my creative drive flowing, it invigorates me, it spikes my passion and all of that contributes to my artistic output for YOU, my client. I'm based in Chicagoland and will absolutely consider any and all travel requests, both domestic and international. Special consideration given for National Parks and outdoors affairs!



There are, of course, requisite posed portraits that *everyone* wants - I'm happy to capture those, just enough for your album, your Grandmothers and newspaper announcements. Everything else is authentic to your day, to your story, and that's what makes your experience - and artwork - so completely unique and personal.


You need a one-stop shop for last minute wedding day mishaps.

I'll get you that bottled water, those bobby pins, some super glue, track down the boutonnieres, help round up second cousins for formals, and keep an eye out for the touching moment a grandson takes Grandma out for a spin on the dance floor. Thanks to years of customer service and coordinating, I don't miss much and your comfort and ease of mind is my No. 1 priority.


You want to be over-the-moon happy with your wedding portraits. 

On your wedding day, I'm your shadow and your best friend, and I might be your only vendor who cares about your happiness one year, 10 years, 50 years down the road. Because I'm not there just for you, as lovely as you may be - I'm there for your family, for your great-great-grandchildren who will one day run their fingertip over your photos, wondering what you were like. Thanks to your investment of quality artwork, they'll see an intimate insight into your life and how you lived it, because your printed photographs tell a tale like nothing else.


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